Monday, May 12, 2014

To Bink or Not To Bink

So after we went to Vegas and Ruby was just driving me craaaaazy with wanting/crying for her bink and blanket all the time (she can't have one and not the other. They are of one entity in her mind.) I really put my foot down and decided to take the plunge into a bink-free world. Here's how it all went down, for those of you who care:

Sunday we gave the bink to the dog to sleep with. Logical thing to do. She slept fine and didn't make a peep. (Ruby, that is.)
Monday I cut off the end of the bink and told Ruby that the dog had chewed it up. Then I gave it to her to sleep with. She attempted to suck on it and would take it out of her mouth and just gaze at it with such a look of longing that it broke my heart every time. And if that wasn't enough, she proceeded to lay in bed, screaming, crying "ooooooh noooooo bink!" Breaking me down little by little, I finally went in and together we threw her bink in the garbage, had a popsicle and tried to nap again.
Tuesday she cried for 45 minutes at nap time.
Wednesday she cried for 15 minutes.
Thurdsay she cried for 15 minutes.
Friday she cried and slept (or didn't sleep) for a couple hours.
Saturday I put her to bed without pants on (it was a warmer day) and I went in two hours later and she was butt naked. First thing she said to me was "Mom, pee." I really just had to laugh cause it IS pretty hilarious how smart she is.
Sunday she was great! Now instead of asking for her bink she asks for Dad, and seems to cry more for him than for a bink.
And Monday she cried for Dad for a couple minutes and then went to sleep!
She always sleeps fine at night without it and has never woken up in the night wanting a bink. I would say we are about through with the fight!

On Sunday I told Blake that I really just thought we should give her the bink for naps, cause I am NOT ready for her to give up naps. He is the voice of reason and reminded me that in a week, she wouldn't even remember it.
*It has been another week and she hasn't asked for it. Miracles, I tell you!

So while I definitely could have waited another 6 months, or a year, or 2 years to take away her binky, I am glad I got it over with now. Now we can move on to a big girl bed, ya?! No. No more milestones for a while please and THANK YOU.

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